Methyl Hydrogen Fluids

Methyl hydrogen fluids are clear, water-white liquids. They are polydimethyl siloxane polymers
distinguished by one or more reactive hydrogen groups per silicone molecule.

These fluids readily undergo condensation reactions with silanol groups and with organic hydroxyl
groups. Methyl hydrogen fluids also undergo addition reactions with unsaturated organic compounds in
the presence of noble metal catalysts.

Typical Applications

  • Waterproofing, hydrophobizing or impregnating agents for textiles, paper, leather, pigments and fillers
  • Components in RTV and thermal-cured silicone rubbers
  • Modifiers for polyester and methacrylic resins
  • Reactive intermediate for production of specialty silicone polymers and silicone modified organic polymers

Available Products

  • Bluesil™ WR68
  • Bluesil™ MeH

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